A new strengthening bad cause called multi SARS-CoV-2 affects and damages our body from the air we inhale to the core of our body. This variant is more transmissible than all the previous deadly ones and right at this moment every government has released their statements titling this new variant has shown rapid increase in transmissibility and its outbreak is visible across most of the corners of the globe with new updates for every new second. While WHO categorized it as a variant of concern which raised questions towards lack of effective treatments, medications, vaccinations and all open ways to save lives. It is made of about 30,000 base pairs of amino acids, placed like pillars in building a complete unhealthy environment inside our body.
With the ability to include some multiple mutations in the spike protein called K417N, while some being associated with chemical processes, when it hits the end it results in catching healthy safe lives and leading to deaths. This strong new variant has stronger binding to receptors of lung cells which is the major cause for suffering. When everything is turning unsafe and unhealthy we are still surviving with our improved foods, lifestyles, medications and many more changes we are welcoming into our lives since everything started to fall apart on grounds of suffering.

How does it affect the population?

This contagious variant of coronavirus is now spreading like forest fire in every part of the globe and also in every part within our bodies. WHO reported that more than 95 countries have been affected with this new variant, some being partially affected while others are saving every ounce of strength to save themselves from death. It is affecting the population in a drastic way, countries with high portion of
vaccinated citizens are marked as moderately affected ones and scientists now say that vaccinated lives are the ones breathing safe air and leading lives with less risks of delta variant as vaccinated bodies showed many produced antibodies in their health systems which fights against several circulating variants including delta.


Walking into unhealthy environments within our body we need to always keep a check on our daily internal and external changes, so to make sure we are on the right track. Know what symptoms are causing this new variant to survive within us along with us.

Here are some symptoms :

Sore throat
Loss of smell
Runny nose
Abdominal pain
Skin rash
Discoloration of fingers and toes
Chest pain
Shortness in breath
Appetite loss

While we are actually looking at how lives have been changed ever since covid came alive it’s our responsibility to maintain covid appropriate behaviour to prevent the spread of virus and minimize risks starting from our hands. However it is said vaccination is the only way to gain immunity to fight any variant making it all more important for you to get your vaccine shot accordingly and immediately.

How to treat it? Is there any clinical approach?

As of now every government has said there is no real complete treatment for this new variant but the vaccination can bring the required immunity and strength to our bodies to provide a less risky environment inside our bodies.
so the chances of getting sick, severity is generally low.

Non clinical approach to affected people

  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle – This includes maintaining a healthy weight, doing regular exercise, bringing change in eating habits, planning a healthy diet and following it, avoiding outside and air exposed food, taking in fruits and vegetables which adds sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals to our system, start focusing on meditation and breathing exercises to ensure healthy breathing process, limit the intake of alcohol and avoid smoking. Along with these there are many changes which need to be observed in a person’s daily life. This is the first step we need to follow to lead a happy and healthy life.
  2. Improved sleep and meditation – On an average every one should sleep for 7 to 8 hours to build a strong immune system along with a better state of mental health. Besides sleep, meditation also plays a very important role to survive a peaceful and calm life. It relaxes all your muscles and refreshes your physical as well as mental body, avoiding stress and other tensions to lead a positive life.
  3. Focus on immune building foods – We already know that Vitamin C is the king to energize our immunity so why not take this first. We can find this in oranges, cantaloupe, kiwi, broccoli and many others. Besides this remember eating one half of a raw garlic clove also adds so much immunity to your system. While many foods which are rich in antioxidants like carrots, spinach, berries and many more are needed to be included in our daily diet as well.
  4. Heard about natural immunity aids? Essential oils? So here’s one simple way to boost your immunity with less work and no food. We have plenty of health benefits with essential oils especially eucalyptus and tea tree oils, when added to your warm bath or when stored in a oil diffuser and used for 2-3 times a day or applying on your skin which your body absorbs within some time, are all easy ways to bring change in the way your body behaves.
  5. Explore, be positive, breathe fresh air. Why not just sit under the sun in the balcony and have a sip of warm green tea. Does it sound relaxing? Do you feel your nerves taking rest ?Yes when we focus we get every answer just by bringing little changes to the way we use our nature and our inner peace. Go out, breathe morning clean air, show a positive attitude toward your life, invest time on yourself and a healthy life follows!
  6. Drink more water, welcome hygiene habits. Always remember to be hydrated which keeps your immunity function working smoothly. There are plenty of uses and advantages to the question why we need more water. However, make sure you take a good amount of water every hour, it helps your skin, stomach, digestion, and many body functions work effectively such as eliminating toxins from the body. Ensure that you keep yourself and the surroundings clean and hygienic.


  1. First of all, get vaccinated and be safe.
  2. Step out only if necessary/emergency.
  3. Use sanitizer whenever you take food or come in contact with other objects.
  4. Make sure about double masking your nose and mouth when you go out in a crowd.
  5. Use things and cook food only when the products are cleaned thoroughly.
  6. Maintain 6 feet distance from everyone and avoid physical contact completely.

Ways to build immunity naturally and stay away from covid

What if I say you can build your immunity system just by adding little ingredients to your diet?
Sounds easy right?

‘A healthy immune system depends on all the foods you take, the energy you add with them, the quantities you follow, the little changes you make’

Consumption of an adequate amount of food rich in certain nutrients will help to strengthen the immune system and keep the infection at bay. They are

Helps in growth and repair of all body tissues, maintenance of bones and teeth, reduces risk of chronic diseases, helps prevent iron deficiency, manages blood pressure and protects memory.
Food sources:
Citrus fruits, green peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, papaya, mango, blueberries, pineapples, etc .

Regulates calcium and phosphate levels in the body, keeps bones and muscles healthy.
Food sources:
Fatty fish, egg yolks, cheese, mushrooms.

Lowers risks of cancer, supports bone health, promotes healthy cell growth and reproduction.
Food sources:
Apricots, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, leafy vegetables, eggs, meat.

Natural antioxidant, Moisturizes skin, skin cancer prevention, slows down the aging process of cells.
Food sources:
Sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds, kiwi, tomato, sesame seeds.

Helps your body produce new cells and boosts immunity.
Food sources:
Cabbage, spinach, peas, eggs, citrus fruits.

Regulates body temperature and plays a vital role in the immune system.
Food sources:
Red meat, nuts, beans, dried apricots, dry fruits.

Helps in metabolic processes, clears acne, promotes healthy heart and blood vessels.
Food sources:
Oysters, beans, nuts, seafood – crab.

Protects against heart disease, important for thyroid health, reduces asthma symptoms.
Food sources:
Brazil nuts, organ meats, broccoli, potatoes.

Strengthens bones, muscles, skin and development of cells.
Reduces appetite and hunger levels, boosts metabolism and increases fat burning.
Food sources:
Eggs, almonds, yogurt, oats, cheese, milk, tuna fish, pulses, legumes, lean meat.

Lowers blood pressure, maintains heart functions, aids weight loss, reduces inflammation in the body.
Food sources:
Fish, nuts and seeds, plant oils like soybean oil, walnuts.


Everyone’s life has been affected in some or the other way but healthy food remains stable in every phase, also when you realize what your body lacked for all this while then you will know what your real immunity should actually look like. A healthy diet should be balanced with healthy food choices and for that you always have our doors wide open..
So come on in..

Eat healthy
Be healthy

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