Weight Loss and Transformation!

Founders Own Journey

In April 2018, Sandy was at step zero of his transformative experience. He consulted his family doctor with symptoms of severe fatigue and learnt he was pre-diabetic with high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.

Sandy says that it was a turning point of his life. “Years of hardships and personal struggle, excessive stress and poor lifestyle choices have destroyed my health and I was advised by my doctor to make big lifestyle changes.


At that point of time, living in the US, he had access to many calorie counting apps. Little by little, he tweaked his food habits and successfully turned his health around. Soon, he realized it was not just him but many young people including his friends that were facing a similar situation. There were only the extremes of over indulgence and crash dieting. He understood that a happy medium was the need of the hour.

After extensive research, speaking with many people from all walks of life and consulting with behavioral scientists and nutritionists, he bootstrapped the startup, and founded WellnessON in January 2020.

He started thinking about creating a resource that helps the maximum number of people make a long-term change in their nutrition and lifestyle. He also felt certain that this new system would only work if people can continue eating whichever cuisine they are familiar with.

During the bootstrapping process two of Sandy’s NRI friends helped with an equity based fund to further develop and launch the MVP in the market. With these funds Sandy is in the process of building the complete behavioral science weight loss ecosystem.

“After my own journey with sustainable change, I understood the science behind our traditional Indian food. So, in essence, I was going back to our roots to find the solution for today’s problems,” he admits.

WELLNESSON is the solution

Lack of awareness is making us run after temporary fixes.

Don’t worry! WELLNESSON is here with a one-stop solution, a sustainable way of living a healthy lifestyle!

We are a team of passionate individuals – experienced nutritionists and expert IT specialists – based in Hyderabad, who want to deliver affordable and attainable holistic wellness solutions to your fingertips. We want to steer you away from toxic diet culture and health fads and instil easy-to-follow sustainable science based lifestyle tweaks. Our behavioural science-based approach is the foundation of our App, helping you subconsciously adapt small tweaks one day at a time and bringing explosive positive results!

WELLNESSON respects your regional and cultural food preferences hence we pick up your regular eating foods, create healthier versions by tweaking the preparation method and replacing with healthier ingredients 


At WELLNESSON, our mission is simple: to help people live healthier, happier lives. We achieve this by offering a thoughtfully curated selection of products that are as good for you as they are for the planet. By prioritizing quality, transparency, and sustainability, we aim to inspire positive change and promote well-being in every aspect of life.