WELLNESSON restructures to India’s first marketplace for Doctors/Dietitians recommended healthy products

WELLNESSON restructures to India’s first marketplace for Doctors/Dietitians recommended healthy products



New Delhi (India), January 12: In response to the growing demand for healthy products, WELLNESSON has restructured their business model to a marketplace where customers can find only Doctors/Dietitians recommended healthy products. Every product sold by WELLNESSON contains no maida, no added sugar, and no harmful additives or preservatives. The products are approved by FSSAI and genuinely health-conscious. Customers can also take consultation from our wellness doctors, dietitians, and naturopathy doctors from the platform itself.

How it All Began?

The journey of WELLNESSON began in January 2020, in the mind of its founder Santhosh Manchala who had an epiphany during his 16kg weight loss which led to overcoming sleep apnea, tiredness, and diabetes while working with New York-based one of the biggest companies in the world Weight Watchers Inc.

Started with a tech-based approach to developing an algorithm to classify the foods into Grade A (Superfoods), Grade B (Safe to eat in eatable portions), and Grade C (Unhealthy Foods) based on the user BMI and educate them on healthy eating attached with a mind training program called LIFT (Listen, Implement, Follow and Transform) and helping them to adopt healthy habits with WELLNESSON.

For fellow dietitians a tech has developed an AI based Diet Management System which helps them digitize and optimize their business which creates a diet chart in just 5 minutes as it is preloaded with an extensive ingredient and food database and algorithm to build recipes and show nutritional values at their fingertips.

The tech-based idea had to be stopped at the beta version itself due to the 1st COVID restrictions and for the best interests of investors and the company, WELLNESSON ventured into the healthy food segment and successfully delivered meal plans on a subscription basis.

To fulfill the mid-day cravings of meal plan subscribers, WELLNESSON developed several snacks for the customers which are widely accepted and recognized by the customers. The brand has reached various parts of India where they could not deliver due to radius restrictions.

To cater a larger demand aligning their mission to deliver healthy products WELLNESSON is partnering with various health startups and restructured to a marketplace exclusively for Doctors/ Dietitians recommended healthy products which is the 1st of its kind in India.

Curated diet box

As part of the International Year of Millets 2023 effort, they pooled their resources and created India’s first Millet Diet Box with the sole aim of getting more people to incorporate millet into their diets.

This Millet Diet Box is a complete package given as it consists of all the healthy food products required in a day.

Millet Diet Box Contents



Midday Snacks


Other Benefits of Millet Diet Box 

  • Easy to Prepare, just heat the meals for 10 minutes.
  • No added preservatives.
  • No Allergic Reaction.
  • Trusted by Dietitians and Medical professionals.
  • Helps with long-term weight loss.
  • Manages high blood sugar and boosts good cholesterol.
  • Improves energy and sleep quality.
  • Alleviates gastrointestinal distress.
  • Reduction in GI distress.
  • Improvement of general gut health.


This idea is widely accepted by existing customers and other stakeholders as well.

WELLNESSON is a DIPP recognized startup and has been selected for state and central Government grants. Liking the idea, a reputed doctor from Hyderabad is in talks to be part of the project as an investor and promoter. WELLNESSON is also in talks with a PAN India celebrity for entering into an equity based partnership.


The brand is looking to onboard 1500 partner Doctors/Dietitians across India with 500 SKUs and aiming to open franchise stores across all Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in India.

Every store will have a Doctor/Dietitian consultation attached and customers can shop a wide range of healthy products which are recommended by Doctors/Dietitians.

To learn more about the WELLNESSON platform and its offerings, please visit www.WELLNESSON.in

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Deepak Motiramani on 2023,09,08

CSOP invested via Tyke Invest has not been honoured by your company. May we know the reason?

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