Train your Mind on Healthy Eating

Product Description - 

ABCD means Any Body Can Diet, this means that an individual can know the healthy portion sizes for all foods by tracking them in the WellnessOn App. Every individual has different requirements of nutrients based on their needs such as age, height, weight, health status. The app provides features such as food grading to differentiate healthy and unhealthy calories,  can calculate the nutritional information of your own recipe using Build your recipe module, dashboard to keep our calorie intake within the limits. The nutrient requirement is expressed in form of percentage in the individualised daily and weekly dashboard. As you use the app regularly it will train you on a right amount of food to be consumed.

Core Features:

Food Grading System - Educates you healthy portions 

Dashboard : Daily and weekly dashboard for increased flexibility to stick on diet. 

Macro Dashboard - Know your consumable proteins, carbs and fibre 

BYOR - Build Your Own Recipe - Create your own recipe and app will show you the nutritive values and food grade

How it works?

Food Grading System

The App educates on healthy and unhealthy calories based on special grading system Such as Grade A, Grade B, Grade C.

A for healthy foods, 

B for cutting down portions and 

C for avoid. 

Grade A Foods : These foods are low in calories with limited amounts of carbohydrates and fat in the form of complex carbohydrates and unsaturated fats.These are specifically formulated by our Nutritionist team to help our users to overcome food cravings in a healthy way.These recipes include easily available ingredients, less cooking time and it does not impact your health goals.

Grade B Foods:Consists of specified amount of carbs and fats required by the body in one meal, without exceeding limits. Racking the food in the application teaches you the right portion size of each food required by an individual and Grade B Foods are safe portions to consume. The foods in this category helps in sustainable weight loss and improves your behaviour/attitude towards food.

Grade C Foods: The foods in this category are excess calories, carbohydrates (simple Carbohydrates/sugars), and fats in one serving size.Most of Grade C foods are prepared by unhealthy cooking methods and ingredients. These foods provide only calories without adequate nutrients leading to uncontrolled weight gain, eventually paving the way for other health conditions. 

Dashboard - Daily and weekly -Your daily calorie threshold is set based on metrics like height, weight, age and activity level. However, we understand that sticking to an exact number of calories every single day is very tough. That’s where our concept of weekly threshold comes in. This way, your daily threshold can be flexible as per your requirement as long as you are hitting your weekly goals. You can borrow upto 15% more calories per day and the % for the rest of the weekdays will adjust to keep your weekly threshold steady. Unlike other calorie tracking apps, we have a mechanism of % that we provide to our users for extra flexibility. Regular calorie trackers set a calorie limit and deduct the calories for the food consumed. Our program converts Cal to % based on micro and macro nutrients and deducts the % from 100% when you enter food during the day.

Build Your Own Recipe: The nutritional value of a recipe is estimated based on measurements and ingredients used by the recipe builder. Your measuring standards and the ingredients that you use at your home for building a recipe might be different. WellnessON has created this unique feature so that you can create your own recipes by selecting the ingredients and our app will help you estimate the nutritional values. Based on that you can know the nutritive value of your regional cuisine accurately without dependency on others.

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