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Millet Diet Box Calorie Counted Pre-Portioned Instant Meals - Add Water/Milk - Heat & Eat in 10 Mins

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Product description

Millet Diet Box - Healthy Meals in 10 Minutes - 60% Millets

Open, Add hot water/cold milk - Cook/Heat & Consume

The calorie calculated meal is nutrient dense healthy meal which is free of preservatives, sugar, added flavours, colours etc. Each meal comes in a customised pack where one needs to empty the pack, minimal cooking if needed and consumed. Using the diet box food for each meal one can be assured of consuming healthy calories within the permissible limits. The meal box provides 1400-1500 kcal, which helps to lose weight in a healthy way without any shortcuts. Along with meal plan, nutritionist consultation, workout schedule, cook book are provided much needed support for successful healthy weight loss. Following the diet meal box will help transform to a healthy lifestyle without any hassle of meal planning, cooking, calorie counting and top of it the healthy meal comes within your budget.

Millet Box Contents

The diet box consists of a ready to cook kit for breakfast, lunch, dinner  that come in individual pre portioned meal packs. Understanding the food requirement, taste preferences, hunger pangs and other factors the pack also contains, healthy snacks, detox juices and soups made with natural ingredients which helps to keep you away from binge eating. The Diet Box Meal is a combination of millets, cereals and pulses in the right proportion. Following the diet box meal on a daily basis will help to lose weight, control elevated blood sugar levels, aids to improve cholesterol levels, relieves constipation and maintains gut health.

How it benefits

Following the millet weight loss meal plan , you will achieve a significant change in your health

  • Aids in sustainable weight loss
  • Improved energy levels
  • Relieved from Gastro intestinal issues such as bloating, indigestion, constipation etc
  • Helps in improving Sleep
  • Change in behaviour towards food - Inculcate Healthy eating habits
  • Safe portion sizes
  • Away from Binge eating

It is quick and easy to follow, affordable and convenient.

How to use

The meal kit is delivered to you with  individually packed ingredients required for each meal, The content can be emptied and cooked to a tasty meal with the addition of a few ingredients from your kitchen.  The major reason for excess weight gain is consuming excess calories, which is resolved with this meal kit. No more worries of measuring ingredients and cooking. Empty the sachet, follow the recipe given and healthy food is on your plate with required calories. For best results follow the diet chart and cooking instructions provided.

The foods come in ready to cook/eat form, for ready to cook foods follow the cooking instructions. There is no restriction of following a particular food for a meal, it can be changed as per your preference. Snacks, Soups can be used in between meals to fulfil hunger. Don’t consume any food apart from the meal kit if you wish to consume consult our nutritionists for guidance.

Expected Outcomes:

On an average 500-750Kg/week is expected, but the results may vary from individual to individual. The weight loss rate can be slow or high that depends on various internal and external factors.

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Millet Diet Box Calorie Counted Pre-Portioned Instant Meals - Add Water/Milk - Heat & Eat in 10 Mins