• How is WellnessOn Unique from Others?

    WellnessOn provides a holistic solution for better health care. It is a platform where a range of products and services that are required for a healthy living is available.

    • What products and services does WellnessOn Offer?

    Products such as sugar free, preservative free snacks, healthy groceries, supplements, and  ready to cook are available. Services offered are Nutritionist Consultation, Doctor Consultation, Yoga Sessions, Behavioural Science Sessions, etc. All these products and services can be purchased from our website one time or on subscription basis

    • What is WellnessOn Membership?

    Becoming a WellnessOn Member you are entitled for special discounts and offers from time to time, and access to certain specific services - ebook, healthy recipes, habit transformation sessions, etc.

    • Howis is WellnessOn different from other ecommerce sites?

    We list products and services which are legitimate and proved to support healthy living. All products from vendors undergo multiple checks only products which meet the criteria are listed. Background check is done for all service providers to ensure services are provided by authorised persons as per law.

    •  Can I purchase one membership plan and use it for multiple accounts?

    No one membership is valid for one account only.

    • What are Wellnesson Plans?

    WellnessOn plans is a collection of services that are offered to clients based on their requirements for a particular period of time.The Plans are wellness plans, Health condition plan, weight loss plan, senior citizens plan and kids plan.

    • How to choose the right plan for myself?

    To know which plan suits best one can take up the free assessment, available on the website. Based on the answers plan is suggested

    • How can I book services after opting for the plan?

    Based on the slots available for the particular service provider you book your appointment in the website

    • Can i Freeze my plan or membership for a particular period?

    No, one cannot freeze or hold the plan, All services included in the plan has to be used in the particular time period mentioned

    • Can I opt for a refund after purchase of plan or membership?

    Navigate and check on the refund policy for purchased products or services. Please read terms and condition before purchase

    •  How to contact in case of any queries or complaints?

    Write to Support@wellnesson.in your concerns, our team will reach out to you and help to resolve the issue.

    • Do you provide EMI options for Purchase?

    No, WellnessON do not provide EMI options but the financial instrument which you used to purchase may provide it.